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​​​Rami F. Rizk, D.M.D.



If teeth become weakened, cracked or decayed, it can not only result in debilitating pain as the tooth becomes more fragile, but it can also threaten surrounding teeth.  It becomes difficult to chew and, often, to eat at all.  

Allendale Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provides dental and tooth crowns in Allendale, NJ, for damaged teeth to stop the pain and prevent further damage. 
Crowns are a cosmetic restoration method used to strengthen a tooth or improve its shape. Crowns are most often used for teeth that are broken, worn, or partially destroyed by tooth decay.  Crowns are put into place by shaping the existing tooth and then covering the exposed portion above the gum line, creating a solid outer surface around the tooth.  The crowns flawlessly imitate the natural appearance of the tooth, so they are an appealing aesthetic option for replacing exposed teeth that have been damaged as well as back teeth vital for comfort.  If a tooth needs additional reinforcement, but does not require a full crown, a partial crown or onlay may be used instead, using restorative material to strengthen the tooth.  

If a tooth has become damaged and it is giving you pain or discomfort, repair the damage before it worsens.  Call today and ask about crowns or onlays to strengthen your teeth.  

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