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​​​Rami F. Rizk, D.M.D.


Your teeth are one of the first things people notice about you, and they are an important part of your presentation and your first impression.  Keep your smile looking beautiful with professional, personal dental care from the experts at Allendale Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.  From teeth cleaning to periodontal work, restorative care and more, Allendale Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provides a wide array of services and procedures to keep your smile beautiful and your oral health spotless. 

Keeping your teeth strong and clean is not only important to maintaining appearances, but it is also vital to your health.  Scheduling regular dentist visits helps to stop the build-up of plaque and prevent tooth decay, which can lead to the deterioration of teeth and other health problems.  If you have experienced tooth decay, and one or more of your teeth have become damaged, cracked or they are painful or sensitive, restorative care can stop the pain, the decay and eliminate the damage.  Using crowns, dental implants, root canals and other procedures, tooth decay and damage can be easily and permanently corrected.

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