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Today, no one has to lose teeth or endure persistent, reoccurring tooth pain.  A root canal can fix the problem and restore the health of your teeth.  Call today to learn more about root canal treatment and make an appointment with Allendale Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to see if the procedure is right for you. 

Root Canals

Root canals can prevent you from losing teeth, even when drastic damage is present.  If you are experiencing severe pain or sensitivity in your teeth, find your root canal specialist and treatment in Allendale, NJ, at Allendale Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.  

A root canal may be required if a tooth or the nerve connecting the tooth has become severely damaged.  This may result from deep decay, repeated dental procedures on a specific tooth or trauma to the face.  If you are noticing severe tooth pain or pain resulting from chewing or pressure, a root canal may fix the problem.  Other symptoms of deep decay may include discoloration or swelling of the gums.  Root canals are a relatively simple procedure which can be completed in one or two office visits.  After the procedure, your tooth will be saved, your mouth will be safe from further damage and you will have a beautiful smile again.   

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